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Heylo Leads are helping students find groups at school, from the comfort of home

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Bring Heylo to your school as a Heylo Lead!

As a Heylo Lead, you'll work with us (remotely!) to bring Heylo to your school and share Heylo with your classmates. The weekly time commitment is minimal, but the more energy you put, the more you get out of the experience!

*This is a remote and volunteer, unpaid role.

Heylo Leads get unique access to startups and tech


Receive mentorship from Heylo Office Hours


Book 1:1 time during Office Hours to speak with the Heylo cofounders about your goals, and we'll find ways to help you. Top-performing Heylo Leads can receive a letter of recommendation from the Heylo CEO.

Learn about startups and tech through fireside chats

Each week you'll be invited to an authentic talk and discussion with a tech professional — from entrepreneurs to tech consultants and investors. You'll learn what their role is like, how they got there, and their advice for starting your career.

Build your network and skills for future tech roles

As a Heylo Lead, you'll develop skills in marketing and product management by sharing Heylo with your school. You'll meet student leaders on your campus and around the country.

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