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What is a Heylo community?

  • Heylo communities are groups of people with a passion or common interest to grow and get better together. Each Heylo community has a private space to organize and connect community members.

What can I do with my Heylo community?

  • Heylo keeps your community organized and connected in your own private space. Groups on Heylo can organize group discussions by topic so everyone can share more, join only the discussions that are interesting and nothing gets too noisy; plan events with separated event chats so those who RSVP have can coordinate logistics and see who else is going without disrupting the whole community; and meet everyone in the group with private and customizable member profiles specific to your group. Important photos and resources can be stored in your Heylo community as well.


What platform is Heylo available on?

Are communities private on Heylo?

  • Yes, communities are private. Members are added to a community by either being explicitly invited to the community, or requesting to join. Members who request to join require approval before joining.


How do I sign up for Heylo?

  • Once you elect to create a community, or find a community to join, you will be asked to sign up for Heylo by creating an account. Creating an account only requires you to enter your email, password and full name; your full name will be visible to others on Heylo.


How do I create a Heylo community?

  • Creating a community only requires your community’s name! And you can always change it later.

How do I find a Heylo community?

  • Download the Heylo mobile app on the Android Play Store and iOS Apple App Store. You can find communities interested in growing their membership base (currently available only in San Francisco, CA, US). If you are already a member of a community on Heylo and looking to find another, find more communities through your side control panel (navigate there by pressing the top left).


Can other people find my community on Heylo?

  • Yes, anyone can search by community name or location. They can only see your community page and can request to join or send a admins or ambassador a message. When requested, admins and ambassadors will be notified and can message, grant access or ignore the prospective member.


Can I grow my community by attracting more members?

  • Yes, you can complete a community page and new people can discover your community.


What’s my community page?

  • Your community page is how you convey your community to prospective members. Add an image that depicts your community (group pictures work best), a description and any member requirements you have. Admins and ambassadors are listed on your community page, and only they can edit the community page.


Is it possible to be a member or a admin of multiple communities?

  • Yes, you can join or create as many communities as you like. All of your communities are listed in your side control panel, which you can access by pressing the top left on your app screen.


Is it possible to switch between multiple communities?

  • Press your side control panel and can select the community name under “My communities.”

How does leaving a community work?

  • You can leave any community by pressing your side control panel and then long pressing on the community name. No one is notified when you leave, but your name no longer appears in joined topics or on the members screen. After you leave your  community, you can rejoin at any time and your profile will remain intact, but your joined topics and event RSVPs will reset.



How can I invite people to join my community?

  • You can invite members by email, invite link, QR code or bulk import by pressing the top right button on the members screen. Note, community admins can disable the ability for members to invite other members; if disabled, the button is not visible to members. In any case, members can always share the community page with others.


How do email invitations work?

  • Enter the invited member’s email and press the invite button. You can enter multiple emails as long as they are separated by commas or new lines. The invited member will receive an email message from “yourcommunity”.invites@heylo.co with your community page and an overview of Heylo in the email body. The email also contains a button at the bottom to join your community.

How do invite links work?

  • You can copy an invite link and paste it anywhere you communicate with members, like email lists, social media or text. Be careful, anyone with the link can join your community. If you have unwanted community members joining, you can remove them at any time (see remove members below). If the link has been published in unwanted places, please contact support@heylo.co to replace the link.

What happens when an invited member joins from an invite link or email?

  • Every community on Heylo has a unique link that directs invited members to the appropriate community. Anyone who receives that invite will be able to directly join the community.


How do QR codes work?

  • QR codes are a unique pattern that an invited member can use to join your community. The invited member can focus their phones’ camera app on the QR code; a prompt will emerge at the top of their phone with a link to join Heylo. Pressing the link brings the invited member to download the Heylo mobile app and then automatically routed to your community. If you’d like QR codes shipped to your address, please contact us at support@heylo.co.


How do bulk invites work?

  • Upon pressing the bulk invite button, the Heylo team is notified and will contact you directly via your email used with your Heylo account. They will share a custom, private Google Sheet where you can paste the emails of your community members. Once completed, individual invitations are sent from you to each uploaded email. The Google Sheet is permanently deleted thereafter.



What are topics?

  • Topics organize group messaging. Create topics for separated group chats on a specific subject.


Can anyone create a topic?

  • Yes. Anyone can create a topic by pressing the top right button on the topics screen.


What’s the difference between a public topic and a private topic?

  • A public topic is visible to everyone. When new, public topics appear at the top of the topics screen. Any member can join but no one is joined by default. Only those who join can send messages and receive notifications for that topic. For private topics, only invited members can participate. They always appear in the “joined topics” section.


Can anyone join a public topic?

  • Yes, you have two lists on your topics screen -- joined and not joined. To join a topic, press the topic in the not joined list, and then press the join button at the bottom.


Who is in each topic?

  • Press the topic and then the arrow at the top next to the topic name. The dropdown sheet will contain all members who are also in that topic.


Who can see messages in a topic?

  • Any member can see messages in a public topic, even if they have not joined that topic. Members can only send messages in a topic if they have joined. For private topics, only invited members can see messages. Private topic history is not visible to a newly invited member.


What are topic notes and descriptions?

  • Topics have a place to describe the topic or store information in the topic notes. Access the topic notes by pressing the topic name arrow at the top of the screen. You can add or edit a topic image as well.

Is it possible to delete a topic?

  • Yes, but only admins can delete a topic.

Is it possible to leave a topic?

  • Yes, anyone can leave a topic by pressing the topic header. No one is notified when someone leaves a topic, and their name no longer appears in the joined list.


Is it possible to mute a topic?

  • Yes, anyone can leave a topic by pressing the topic header. Mute either new message notifications, new member notifications, or both.


Can specific members be invited to join a topic?

  • Use @mentions to invite specific members to join a new topic by sending a message in the new topic and type “@” -- all the names of members will appear there. When a member is @mentioned, they will receive a notification even if they have not yet joined that topic.


What is the general discussion topic?

  • By default, your community includes a topic called general discussion. Everyone is joined to the general discussion topic by default when they join your community. It is the only topic that new members join by default. Anyone can leave general discussion.


What are announcements?

  • Admins share important information applicable to the whole community in announcements. Only admins can send announcements, and announcements can be sent by in-app message only or by email too. Members cannot leave Announcements.




Why create events on Heylo?

  • Events on Heylo allow members to RSVP and see who else is going to upcoming events. Every event has its own event chat for participating members so you can message in real time with those attending without notifying the whole community.  Events in your community can also be added to personal calendars with Heylo’s calendar integration. Add a location to easily navigate with Google Maps and add notes to share details like what to bring. You can beautify your event with an image too. If your event happens regularly, you only need to create it once and mark it as recurring.


What can be shared with events?

  • Events can have a day, start time, location, note, and image. But only a day and time are required to create an event. There is no end time with events on Heylo.


Who can see events?

  • All community members can see events.

How are events added to my personal calendar?

  • Events on Heylo can be added to personal calendars by RSPVing positively. Heylo users can edit any event information before adding to their calendar. For iOS users, the Apple Calendar will be used. For Android users, the Google calendar will be used.


If the event details change, will my personal calendar be updated?

  • No. Events added to your personal calendar will need to be updated for any changed event information.

What happens upon RSVPing?

  • RSVPing “yes” or “interested” to an event allows other members to see and automatically adds the event chat. Only admins can see those who are “not attending.” A reminder notification on the day of the event is sent to all who have responded “yes” or are “interested.”

What's limit attendance?

  • You can add an event participation cap to set a maximum number of participants for your events.


What happens when members RSVP beyond the attendance limit?

  • When your group RSVPs, anyone over the limit is added to a waitlist. Heylo reminds event attendees in advance, and if someone can't make it, no problem! The next member on the waitlist is confirmed and automatically notified. The earliest RSVPs are highest on the waitlist so events are transparent and fair for everyone.


How do recurring events work?

  • Mark an event as recurring, and the latest event will be automatically created. Recurring events are created at least two weeks in advance.


How do email reminders work for events?

  • If selected in community settings, all community members, both joined and just invited to the community, receive an email with all the upcoming events for the week on the Sunday prior. The email contains the event information and who is going with an RSVP button at the bottom. Emails can be previewed in community settings when there is an upcoming event.


How do Heylo payments work?

  • Heylo helps collect donations and contributions for your events. Enable payments by linking your bank account information and then adding the donations feature when creating your next event. Members can pay with a credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Wallet from app or computer. Member information is stored for easy donations thereafter.


What fees are there for payments on Heylo?

  • Heylo charges a 10% platform fee and Stripe payment processing fees.


What are Stripe payment processing fees?

  • Stripe is Heylo’s payment processor. Stripe charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. Heylo deducts this amount from your payments automatically.


How do I get started?

  • Under Admin settings, press “Payments” and enter your account information. This process will take approximately 5 minutes to complete.


Why do I need to provide so much information?

  • US regulations require companies accepting payments to provide basic Know Your Customer information for regulatory purposes. Your information is kept private per Stripe’s Privacy Policy.


Will I get tax forms?

  • Yes. Tax forms are sent by Stripe after year-end if over $600 received in any one year period.


Can I collect payments as an individual or business or nonprofit organization?

  • Yes. No matter your legal entity, you can collect payments on Heylo. Please designate the appropriate entity when you complete your account information.

What forms of payment are accepted?

  • Members can pay with any major credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay too.


When do I get paid?

  • Payments are collected on your behalf and distributed directly to your bank account, net of fees, every Friday.



What can be shared in a profile?

  • Members can share anything about themselves and their interests in their profile.  A photo may also be added.

Can custom profile fields be added?

  • Yes! Up to five customizable profile fields can be added for members to complete. Members will receive a percentage completion next to their own profile to indicate when their profile is not yet complete. Customizable profile fields are only visible to other members of the same community and are not visible to Heylo users publicly.

Can a custom profile field be edited?

  • Once a custom profile field has a response, the field cannot be changed. This is to ensure that the custom profile field responses stay relevant to the custom profile field.

Can a custom profile field be deleted?

  • Yes. An admin can delete any custom profile field. Note, all responses to the custom profile field from other members will also be deleted.

What are titles?

  • Titles recognize community leaders. Any member with a title will be listed under “Leadership” on the members screen, and their title will be visible on their profile. Admins can grant or rescind titles for anyone in the community, including themselves. Titles can be granted by pressing the wrench icon in the top right on any member profile.

What is “Member since”?

  • Members can specify when they first joined the community. The date will be displayed on their profile to other members of the community but not other Heylo users publicly.

Are profiles mandatory?

  • Profiles are encouraged but are not mandatory.


Who else can see a profile?

  • For members, only other members in your community can see your profile. Your profile is not visible to anyone who is not a member of your community. For admins and ambassadors, prospective members can see your profile too.

How are members displayed on the members screen?

  • Updated profiles in the past 7 days are displayed at the top of the members screen, as are new members.


What is content?

  • Content is where you can store text and images for your community.


How is content added?

  • Press the top right on the content screen to add photos or resources (long form text).


How do photos appear on content?

  • All photos sent in topics or event chats are automatically added to the photo section in content. Photos can also be added directly to content by pressing the top right button.


Can photos be downloaded?

  • Yes, any member can download a photo. There is also an Instagram integration to add a photo directly to an Instagram story.


Can photos be deleted?

  • Yes, the member who sent the photo can delete the photo. Or, an admin can delete any photo.


Can text also be saved to content?

  • Yes, save long form text in the resources section on the content screen. A title and an image can also be saved with the long form text.


What is “New members, read this”?

  • By default, every community on Heylo has a resource that outlines basic member guidelines. Admins can edit or delete this resource as needed.




What can be done with Heylo messaging?

  • Heylo messaging is built on real-time messaging sorted by time sent (like texting, not like social media by algorithm). Send messages with text or image, @mention specific members, react to any message, reply to any message, click shared links or delete messages sent. Video and GIFs are not yet supported but coming soon!


Is there direct messaging on Heylo?

  • Yes, private direct messages can be sent, but only to members of your community. Prospective members can send a message to admins and ambassadors too.


Are there private group chats on Heylo?

  • Yes, private group chats are available on Heylo. Add any member of any of your communities on Heylo. New members to private group chats cannot see the chat history. Any private group chat member can invite or remove another member. Create a private chat group by accessing your side control panel by pressing the top left button, and then press the “+” next to “Private chats.”


Can direct message chats be removed?

  • Yes, click the private message and then the three dot menu in the top right to remove. The other participant will not be notified.


Are private messages encrypted?

  • No. But they are stored in a secure database and are not associated with the name of any specific person.




What administrative privileges do community admins have?

  • Admins can remove any member from your community by pressing their profile and then the top right wrench icon. Admins can delete any topic, or any message or image sent in any topic or event chat. Admins can make any member a admins or ambassador. Admins can customize the community page. Admins can make announcements that can be sent in app only or by email to everyone joined and invited too.


What controls do community admins have?

  • Community admins can control whether community members can add content, invite other members directly or create events. These controls are accessed in your community settings by pressing "admin" on the furthest right bottom button.

What is an ambassador?

  • An ambassador is recognized with an Ambassador title. They are visible to prospective members and can also have admin privileges, but do not have to. Ambassadors are listed on the community page, and prospective members can communicate with them before joining the community.

Can my community be customized?

  • Yes! Customize your community header by adding your logo! You can also add your website, Instagram, or LinkedIn to be shared on your community page and in the footer of your emails. To customize your community, see the admin button on the bottom of your phone screen.


Can the Heylo app icon be customized?

  • No, currently it is not possible to customize app icons. Please contact us at support@heylo.co if this is an issue.


Can Heylo users be blocked from searching for my community?

  • No, but anyone who requests access to join your community from your Heylo community page can be ignored. You can also indicate that you are not accepting new members in the Requirements section of your community page.


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How are push notifications controlled?

  • Not disrupting people with unnecessary push notifications is one of our values at Heylo. In notification settings (accessible through your settings in your side control panel), customize notifications for new members, events and messages too.


What’s the best way to contact Heylo?

  • At Heylo we take pride in our customer service. You can message us anytime in Heylo Support private chat in your community control panel. Or email us at support@heylo.co. We are also active on Instagram as @heylo_co and you can reach us through direct message there too.


What does Heylo do with my data?

  • We do not sell your data. We do look at anonymous user behavior, both individually and aggregated, to improve our product experience. Please see our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for details.


Who is the technical support animal on your team?

  • That is Mugi, Brandon’s dog, and she is very smart. But sometimes she makes mistakes too 😉.