Student groups can stay active this fall with Heylo.

Organizing a group doesn't have to be so complicated.

Heylo brings your group together to help you stay organized - no matter the social distance.

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So many tools...

but none for your group.

Unorganized Communication

There are so many ways to reach your members, but they still miss the important info. You deserve more than unread emails, muted group chats, and missed social media posts.

Overwhelming Products

A group needs to be together. But you have to separate them across the many products just to keep everything running. You end up spending time just trying to keep everyone in the right place.

Complicated Payments

People value your group but don’t pay much for it. Collecting payments is hard, clunky, and even annoying.

Heylo is for your group.

Stay Organized.

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Organized group messaging. Group messaging doesn’t always have to be a 20+ person mess. With topics, everyone can chat and stay involved without things getting too noisy.

Create and coordinate events. Events can be easily accessible online, with those that RSVP able to message and organize event logistics in a separate chat. Easily access details like the location or video link.

Share what's important.

Richer profiles. More customizable member profiles means better ways to let people know more about you and what you do for the group.

Share information. Store valuable information and documents for easy access - like links, discounts, guidelines, and more.

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Collect payments.

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Convenient payments. Collect payments before or after your events. No more sharing separate payment instructions! Your member payment info is saved for easy recurring donations.*

Let Heylo handle the reminders. Reminding members about event donations is exhausting. Set a range of payment suggestions and let Heylo remind everyone after the event.

* Heylo collects 10% fee + Stripe payment processing fees.

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