A new reason to keep your group engaged.

Groups need a purpose to get together. Keep your group engaged by giving them a reason to chat!

Use Heylo chat icebreakers to learn more about your group members every week. With the press of a button, you'll get suggestions to start a new chat for your group on Heylo. Chats are private to your group, and you can use a Heylo suggestion or customize your own! Your members will have a reason to join and share with text, photos or videos.


Get Access to Heylo Chat Icebreakers!

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Super easy for your group to join.

No more scheduling! New chats on Heylo are easy for your group to find and join anytime from a phone or computer.


Everyone benefits... including your future members!

New members can check out your prior chats and get to know everyone right when they join.


Group leaders get a helping hand.

Heylo will recognize when your chat is getting quiet and make suggestions for you to kickstart it again!

Learn how students are working with Heylo to keep their groups connected