Bring people together to be better.

We believe in groups.
For too long, our groups rely on big tech companies to help keep their members connected. But they make a lot of money from advertising and enterprise software, and the incentives are not aligned with what our groups really need.
Better runners, better readers, better volunteers, better knitters, etc. Whatever your passion, we want to help you pursue it with others. We are better when we are together.

Eric Winters

Co-founder and CEO

Brandon Pearcy

Co-founder and CTO

Eric worked at Google for 5 years helping with strategy, investing and acquisitions.  As a Corporate Development Principal, he led investments into companies like SpaceX and advised on Google's growth strategy for products such as Waze, VR and Photos.  He also helped create Alphabet and its companies including Waymo, Verily and The Production Board.  Prior, he worked at Greentech Capital Advisors and Credit Suisse and graduated from Wesleyan University with a Mathematics Economics BA.  He has always been passionate about being active with great people.

Brandon worked at Google for 12 years most recently as a Staff Engineer.  With wide-ranging technical expertise in web development, infrastructure and analytics, he worked across many of Google's products including Google Maps, YouTube, Ads and Infrastructure.  He led engineering teams from California to Tokyo (where he resided for 5 years).  He graduated from the University of Alberta with a BS in Computer Science.  He is passionate about connecting everyone with inspiring, active and healthy people and loves exploring the outdoors with his wife Reiko.