Keeping our communities together when events are getting canceled


If the coronavirus pandemic has caused your upcoming group events to be canceled, there is still hope to be together! Combining a few digital tools with some creativity can help your group stay connected during periods of isolation. Our communities are more important than ever during these times and can ultimately serve a greater good. You can help members find a way to stay calm, connected and not alone. Despite social distancing, we can remain together.

Groups on Heylo are getting creative digitally to be together while also staying safe. Try a few of these ideas below!

Schedule topic chats.

Schedule a time to group message about a specific topic, like reflections on the past year or grateful feelings. By scheduling the chat, you’ll know you have the attention of participants for a focused and time-capped conversation. The reply feature on Heylo will help conversations stay organized too.

Video hangouts.

There are many group activities that can be continued over video. On Heylo, groups are organizing a wide-range of video sessions from yoga classes to board games, breath workshops, video games, happy hours or even a virtual pub trivia night! Members of Project 13 gyms in San Francisco are organizing a cooking video session to prepare the same recipe, too.

Instead of sharing a broadcast or stream on social media, try a group video to keep the activity collaborative and allow for member conversation after. With Zoom or Google Meet, you can copy a video call URL into the event notes on Heylo for all community members to join. Afterward, stay on the video to chat and see how everyone is holding up!

Offer a helping hand.

Community members or their loved ones may be in times of need. The elderly may not be able to pick up groceries or medication. Others may need an extra phone charger or set of headphones when working from home. The power of a community shines when people can help each other get through tough times. Contributing a helping hand makes everyone feel appreciated. If you are in need, consider sharing with your community. You may be surprised at who can help.

Individual check-ins.

Continue your group activity individually and share photo check-ins after! Sending photos of individual runs, at-home workouts or book club reading time is a great way to stay motivated and inspiring for others too. You can further hold the group accountable by scheduling an event and asking for check-ins. Even if people cannot meet up in person, they can still stay motivated by completing activities around the same time!

Ask me Anythings.

AMAs, or Ask Me Anythings, are a popular digital way for a leader, coach or expert to answer questions. Elon Musk's AMA is a favorite example. Create an event on Heylo and use the event chat to let group members ask away!

Share positivity.

There is a lot of negative news out there. As group leaders, we can use this time as an opportunity to strengthen our communities and come together in periods of need. Just a message of encouragement to your community can go a long way.

Groups are most important when people are facing isolation. Keep yours together and emerge from this crisis stronger than ever!