Nail the Welcome So New Members Come Back

When you first walk into a world-class hotel or luxury retail store, what’s the five star experience? In almost all cases, someone greets you. They give you a warm welcome, some useful information, and offer to answer any questions you may have. The best hospitality companies in the world welcome guests to improve their experience and increase the chances that they come back again.

Now translate that experience to a new member joining your community. What’s that five star experience? Just like the hotel or retail store, it starts with a greeting, followed by a little helpful information, and an openness to answer any questions. This can often make the difference between someone becoming a long-term contributing member in your community, or not.

Before their first event, make the first interaction meaningful to your new members with a welcome message. The best messages include a warm greeting followed by an open-ended question that can create a quick conversation.

“Welcome to the crew! Have you been running in New York for a long time?”

If you are able to learn something about your new member, you will be better positioned to make a true connection with them and increase the likelihood that they show up in person.

Nail your welcome message to keep new members coming back!